About Us


Since its establishment, the jewellery brand INCOLUX has been working on perfecting every special and emotional moment of its users based on quality and trust. Believing that everyone is special and unique, INCOLUX produces designs that give freedom of personalisation.

With its strong team of 50 people and its worldwide e-commerce infrastructure, INCOLUX manages all processes from design to the last production stage with a boutique approach. INCOLUX operates in 60 countries and has offices in three countries, including Suriname, Curaçao and the United States. Its vision is to become the world's leading luxury consumer brand by growing its product range.

https://www.incolux.store /incolux -worldwide/


To maintain high production capacity and competitiveness while offering the utmost product quality, INCOLUX holds a large production team consisting of experienced professionals specialised in their fields.

The manufacturing facility utilises a combination of handwork, machine-work and advanced technology to produce the finest jewellery in the world. Due to the complete integration, we make jewellery of guaranteed purity and finest finish to meet the specific needs of all jewellery lovers and fulfil the demand for high-quality products, shorter delivery times and faster product development.


INCOLUX WORLDWIDE As a company that prioritises customer satisfaction, INCOLUX provides the best service that improves every day, thanks to our big family, who consistently work with dedication and pleasure. We commit ourselves to creating the most glamorous designs to make our customers feel special.

By providing language support and online shopping options for many countries, INCOLUX has crossed its borders and brought the service to you. In this way, we aim to serve our customers most efficiently

Currently, INCOLUX has a local appearance in the following locations:
The United States of America, Suriname, Netherlands and Curacao